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Mind Body Technology

Support Sessions

Spoiler alert! My approach is not conventional or formulaic and while I use everything from coaching to neuroscience, nutrition and Kundalini technology, I also tune into you intuitively to help you get to the truth.

Come with your crisis, be ready for transformation and know you're in good hands :)

I help you change what's not working in your life and your body and there's no strict diet, expensive supplements or workout regime to follow. Instead I have a plethora of tools and techniques, from two decades of study and training, to help you heal yourself, so you can restore, re-balance and re-align with the reason you're here. 

If you're ready to get unstuck. If you want to lose the limiting beliefs that hold you back. If you're in a life, relationship or job you don't love, stop wasting time and get back in flow.

Please use the contact form to get in touch.


Speaking / Teaching

I love to talk about energy and optimising the human system. Life is full of transitions and transformations and how we use our energy determines our results - not to mention our level of enjoyment of the human experience!

I speak and teach to small and large groups on anything from transforming stress and anxiety to rebuilding from a health crisis, reclaiming love after relationship trauma, re-connecting body and mind and even simply getting a better sex life.


Self-empowerment, self-healing and self-mastery are my specialities and I love working with womxn's groups and supporting younger womxn into greater self-sovereignty.

 Contact me for more information 

Jacqueline's style is caring but lighthearted and her teachings are insightful and relevant to my life. The daily practise she provided has become a grounding force for me in these difficult times

Simon M

Such a huge help in my own journey to recovery. Jacqueline has given me great direction and confidence in my ability to take simple steps towards optimal health again. She has reinforced my belief that we can take control of our health in a more powerful way and, for anyone looking to treat the cause rather than just manage the symptoms of their illness, she will restore your hope and give you invaluable direction.

Becky J

Everything you said is gold. Thank you for being such an inspiration every day. I definitely feel the change and feel like I'm on the right track. Thank you!

Betsa C

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