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Game Changer in Mind Body Wellness 

One on One Coaching

My self-preservation and transformation process is not complicated and does not require expensive supplements or treatments. I help you change what's not working in your life and your body and there's no strict diet or workout regime to follow.

Spoiler alert - My approach is not conventional. I'll pull from a plethora of tools and techniques from nearly two decades of study and training to help you heal yourself. I'll show you why YOU are the guru on you and how to reclaim your power and your sovereignty where your health and your life are concerned.

If you're ready to start please get in touch. After an initial session I offer six and twelve week packages that I guarantee will shift and lift your health and your life.

Rebuild Workshops

Got a group who want to dedicate a few hours to a day finding out what's causing their symptoms, how they're self-sabotaging and discover tools and techniques to release their blocks to amazing health, relationships and life and career goals? 

I teach on anything from stress and anxiety to rebuilding relationships and re-gaining lost sex drive and I love working with youth groups.

Contact me for more information and your group areas of interest.

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