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The Science of Self Mastery - Kundalini Yoga Available Online and In Person

Kundalini Yoga

Regular classes every week to shift and lift you, using the best of yogic science to balance body and mind.

Release subconscious blocks and addictive behaviour. Transform fear and anxiety. Elevate your mood, eradicate depression and use your body, breath and mind to optimise your physical state.

Anti-aging, anti-illness. This technology is specifically designed for this time on the planet

Movement, Mantras, Meditation and Breath - Come and experience your infinite self!

No experience necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to experience yourself in a whole new way.

Group classes are £15 per class, £7 students & concessions. Each class is approx 1h 30mins


You're Here For A Reason

If you're here on planet Earth right now you incarnated for a reason :) 

We are adjusting to a whole new era and moving into the Aquarian age. We need a shift in consciousness to get through what Yogi Bhajan called, the "grey period" on the planet. This requires a strengthening of our nervous systems to avoid getting caught in the panic, fear, depression and overwhelm that are so pervasive today.

In class we balance and replenish, we strengthen and nourish. We upgrade our systems to hold more energy and create better immunity and health, while attracting abundance, creativity and prosperity into our lives.

This is what you're really here to experience!

What People Say


Thank you!

I feel so much positivity from the sessions. It's like an undercurrent of energy that's pure "me" which I can tap into.

Buddha Statue

Every class is a gift!  Thank you so much for yet another real boost to my energy and wellbeing. Feeling lighter and more centred. Thank you SO SO much!

Sandy Beach

Libby, UK

Mind - blowing!

Classes are amazing. We learn about de-stressing and de-toxing our lives and emotions, helping us live happier and healthier. 

Thank you SO much!

Kate, UK

Becky, UK

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