Hi, I'm Jacqueline

Change Agent & Self-Mastery Scientist

Ok so I have a few titles -  Nutritional Therapist, Life Mastery and HeartMath Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Writer, to name a few. But what I essentially do is guide you into self-healing and self-mastery. After my own ten year Rebuild, I have a bit of experience!


In my twenties I went from living full-out, to facing debilitating illness, surgery and a life on medication. And no one could really tell me WHY?! So I gave up on my doctor's vague guess-timations and made what felt like a crazy decision to turn my back on conventional medicine and figure out healing for myself.

It was hard because I couldn't find anyone, or any process, that offered the physical, mental and emotional aspects of healing all in one place. I knew one alone wouldn't be enough so I spent ten years studying and applying them all.

A decade of research, application and a total mindset rethink! I swore if I ever recovered I'd put it all in one place to save others time - and so the book was born!

I went from barely able to get up off the floor, to playing league level netball and teaching dance. I discovered how to transform destructive energy and use my body's innate ability to heal. I learned that rebuilding does not have to be complicated, expensive or painful and getting your life back can be a blissful revelation - promise!

Now, my passion and my gift is guiding others through life transitions and trauma to release unhealthy attachments, recalibrate their systems and re-align mind, body and spirit for ultimate wellbeing and prosperity.

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