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Hi, I'm Jacqueline

Integrative Health Consultant

Self-Mastery Specialist

Ok so I have a few titles -  Nutritional Therapist, Life Mastery and HeartMath Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Writer, to name a few. But what I actually do is teach self-healing and self-mastery. After my own ten year Rebuild, I have a bit of experience!


In my twenties I went from living full-out, to facing debilitating illness, surgery and a life on medication. And no one could really tell me WHY?! So I gave up on my doctor's vague guess-timations and made what felt like a crazy decision to turn my back on conventional medicine and figure out healing for myself.

It was hard because I couldn't find anyone, or any process, that offered the physical, mental and emotional aspects of healing all in one place. I knew one alone wouldn't be enough so I spent ten years studying and applying them all.

A decade of research, application and a total mindset rethink! I swore if I ever recovered I'd put it all in one place to save others time - and so the book was born!

I went from barely able to get up off the floor, to playing league level netball and teaching dance. I discovered how to transform destructive energy and align with my body's innate ability to heal. I learned that rebuilding does not have to be complicated or expensive if we surrender to the change life is asking us to make. 

Now, my passion and my gift is guiding others through life transitions and trauma to release unhealthy attachments, recalibrate their systems and re-align mind, body and spirit for ultimate wellbeing and prosperity.

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