Hi, I'm Jacqueline

Writer, Rebuilder, Life Mastery and HeartMath Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

(who likes to dance on tables)

It wasn't in my game plan to be seriously ill - ever! 

And yet suddenly I was facing surgery and a life on medication, without any real answers as to WHY this was happening?

I lost confidence in my doctor's vague guess-timations and made what seemed like a crazy decision to turn my back on conventional medicine and and figure out health and healing for myself.

It was hard because I couldn't find anyone, or any process, that offered the physical, mental and emotional aspects of healing all in one place. I knew one alone wouldn't be enough so I spent ten years studying and applying them all.

Ten years of research and application and a total mindset rethink! I swore if I ever recovered I'd put it all in one place to save others time - and so the book was born!

I went from barely able to get up off the floor, to playing league level netball and teaching dance. I discovered how to ditch the fear of dying and trust my body's innate ability to heal.

I never wanted an amazing body i just wanted my life back, enough energy for my young kids, travel and sport...and yes, occasional dancing on tables :)

What I teach readers and clients is that rebuilding does not have to be complicated, expensive or painful. Getting your life back can be a blissful revelation - promise!

You can discover how to be healthy, happy, energised and live your purpose. Start with the book and know I'm here as a coach and cheerleader if you need extra motivation or a helping hand to the next level of your life.

My door is always open, my hand is always outstretched. Allow me to show you what's possible...

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