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Meet Jacqueline

Writer, Rebuilder, Life Coach, Nutritional Therapist & Kundalini Yoga Teacher

I battled debilitating illness from my mid-twenties and -when my doctor gave up on me - spent ten years rebuilding myself 100% naturally with amazing results (despite doctors telling me I'd need surgery and would be on medication for the rest of my life!)

I trained in many alternative health modalities and endlessly studied neuroscience and psychology to create a process that heals way more than just the physical body.

My book is the exact mental, physical, emotional and spiritual formula I used to create amazing health and transform my life - and it's in a simple, do-able format for you to follow.

I'm here to support you - are you ready to get started?

What I Specialize In

Re-Booting Your Mind and Body

Healing Through Food

Rebuilding Relationships

Stress and Anxiety

Life Transformation


A simple, self-preservation and transformation guide for people who genuinely want to radically change their health and their lives

I loved this book and found it very useful information and easy to read. It helped me to think in a positive way about my body and general health and wellbeing. It really inspired me...such a wealth of knowledge and tips from an author you can't help but admire!

Jane R

I have to say - amazing book! Every woman should read it. I can't imagine anyone would not gain from this book. Thank you Jacqueline!

Julia L 

Have read this book and so rewarding. Really want to try now and put Jacqueline's writing into reality.

Patricia T

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